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Our Vision

10 billion
We can see the future world totally different, where people who value their time, do not waste it in lengthy traffic jams poisoning themselves with exhausts.
Instead, they move along their usual routes, saving
tons of hydrocarbon for our planet
a billion
tons of CO2 thrown into the atmosphere
100 hours
of life per year
To make this vision come true, we are working on FLYTER - the best aeromobile in the world – and the intricate, artificial intellect-based IT- infrastructure.
50 million
FLYTER aeromobiles connected to the global AI-Operator
people per day
able to carry
1 billion
High level of safety
Compactness of one parking space
Eco-friendly hydrogen propulsion system
Vertical take-off and landing
The ability to cover long distances in short periods of time
Unique and innovative solutions utilized in FLYTER make it a perfect vehicle for complex urban environments.
The complex
IT-infrastructure we are working on
operational system of the aerovehicle, including the autopilot system, the system of interaction with passengers (with voice assist), and systems of cooperation with other platforms.
Cloud AI-Operator
unifies and manages all FLYTER cars, all users and all infrastructure as one system
to manage the infrastructure
User mobile app
Flyter will enable to transport with high efficiency and low operational costs
up to 6 persons per hour
Our Team
Evgeny Tyrnov
Founder & CEO of Decart IT-Production and Vexel, a cloud FinTech service.
Has rich experience in business, management, creative teams management, building an effective corporative culture, and development of complex IT-solutions based on web / IoT/ AI technologies.
"I have been striving to build a global technology company for my whole conscious life. The experience I have earned in leading people and businesses, as well as my active which is Decart, my IT-company, enable me to build an effective company and develop powerful IT-infrastructure for the aerotaxi system. It is a vital component which many current participants of the global new market lack!"
One of the best experts in aero technologies and aeronautical engineering in Russia.

Doctor of technical sciences, the Head of the Department of aeronautical engineering at VSTU, author of over 40 patents. Has tremendous expertise and competences, is in a position to employ virtually unlimited number or knowledgeable and relevant staff.

Chief Designer
Vladimir Korolkov
Alexei Yukish
Over 15 years in the manufacturing business. Co-owner of the group of companies dealing with metal structures and metal working. Over 10 years of experience in modelling, building lightweight aeroconstructions and UAM. Knows how to organize efficient production.
Ilya Osipov
Over 10 years in aeromodelling. Since 2016 teaches Quantum Aviation at Quantorium, children's technopark.
February 2019
March 2019
December 2019
May 2020
November 2020
May 2021
initial concept is born; formulating the requirements for VTOL
the first team for the project is gathered
radically new form is found
all computations are finalized, the prototype is fully described, manned and calculated
MVP is tested
first full-fledged prototype is tested